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#144: The One About Overlooked Things

Published 6 months ago • 6 min read

The One About Overlooked Things

A few weeks ago, we shared an incredible guest post on the Podcast Digest by Kyra, who is a writer here at We Edit Podcasts, as well as a trained Vocal Coach for professional singers and actors. (Pretty cool, right?!)

And in the post, Kyra dives into some useful tips for how “chronic voice users” (that includes you, Podcasters! 🫵) can firstly, protect their voices and improve their quality, and secondly how they can keep their voices healthy and thriving for the long haul.

But besides just being a really great guide for overall vocal health, it got me thinking…the voice is such an integral part of a podcast. I mean, without a voice, there wouldn’t really be a podcast. But even though the voice plays such a key role in a show, how much time are we putting into honing and “fine-tuning” our voices?

My guess is not all that much.

And then this got me thinking even more…what are some other things that may significantly contribute to our overall success…but are often overlooked?

When it comes to your podcast 🎧, these hidden things may be, as Kyra has shared, protecting and strengthening your voice, or finding your mic’s “sweet spot” to improve the quality of your recordings, or even something like adjusting your episode length to match your target audience’s general commute time better.

These could ALL make significant differences to a podcast’s overall success. But they’re definitely not the first strategies that come to mind when we talk about “Strategies for Podcasting Success.”

And then I turned this concept towards my personal and professional life in general.

What “overlooked things” could actually be key to helping me succeed?

There were quite a few, but I'll share my top three with you...

1. Take More Breaks 🛑

I used to think I had to just “power through” and keep working until the task was completed, no matter how tired or drained I felt. But, I’ve recently learned that sometimes the best thing to do to keep my motivation and productivity in high gear is to take a break. Because breaks aren't just about stopping what you’re doing. They're about giving yourself the opportunity to recharge. And when you're recharged, you can give your best.

2. Schedule Tasks Strategically ✍️

How do you plan your schedule? According to norms? Or “the way it’s always been done”? Have you considered planning your schedule around your energy patterns? This has been a game-changer for me! Simply looking at my daily tasks, and matching the more demanding tasks to when I feel most energized, and scheduling the easier tasks for when I have a natural energy slump (Hello, 3pm 🤷🏻‍♀️) has made a HUGE difference to my productivity! And has allowed me to optimize my focus, creativity, and efficiency.

And finally…

3. Fill My Cup ☕️

In all honesty, this is something I struggled with. Not because I didn’t believe I needed to fill my cup, but because I viewed this as some kind of luxury that could only be done “when I have time”. And, much like taking breaks, it was a selfish thing to do.

But I’ve come to see that filling my cup is not selfish! It's actually strategic. If we compare the journey to success to a marathon, then you can’t very well be running on empty, can you? When my cup is full, I can literally bring more to the table - whether that’s more creativity, more passion, more ideas, you name it. So fill that cup!

➡️ What “overlooked” thing could be key to your success? Feel free to reach out and let me know! We can then add it to the Not-So-Secret-But-Still-Super-Cool List of Overlooked Strategies for Success!

(It may need a new title. But it will still be super cool! 😉)

- Jennay

Check out Kyra's tips here 👇

Behind the Scenes...and Beyond the Mic

Have you listened to the ✨LATEST✨ episode of Business Beyond the Mic? Here are some reasons why you SHOULD!

This week, Carli chatted with Heather Pearce Campbell.

Heather is the host of the Guts, Grit & Great Business® podcast, and is also the mastermind behind The Legal Website Warrior®, an online venture that offers brand protection, legal education, and assistance to entrepreneurs around the world.

Some TOP takeaways from this week's episode:

  • Why putting the right systems for your podcast production in place is essential!
  • Tips for leveraging your network, even in difficult seasons.
  • How Heather used multiplexing to create deep conversations with others.
  • And some SUPER VALUABLE legal advice to protect yourself as a podcaster!

You definitely don't want to miss out on this one!

this link to tune in now, and be sure to subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, or wherever you listen in! 🎧

Links Worth A Look...

Founder's Corner

As we dive into the topic of things that could be missed or overlooked in our lives, it got me thinking...What happens when those things you overlook lead to other things not going your way?

This is something that has recently cropped up for me and I realized it all leads back to one main concept:

High standards! 🏆

Now, there is nothing wrong with having high standards, especially as a podcaster, business owner, content creator, mom, wife, friend...the list goes on!

These standards guide us to creating quality things and putting our best foot forward, giving it our all in everything we do.

But what happens when things don't go as planned?

Just last week I was gearing up for another fully-booked calendar of podcast interviews, and things were going swimmingly. Only for me to get to my last interview, and guess what?

I completely missed it!! 🫠

Somehow our calendars had the interview booked at two different times, and it honestly made me feel like I totally failed my guest, wasted their time, and I was so upset with myself for letting it happen.

After feeling horrible about the mishap and beating myself up about it, it hit me...why am I doing this? 🧐

It honestly came down to the simple fact that I have set these incredibly high standards for myself. And although they are good, we need to keep an eye on just how we react to situations that don't go as planned!

Disappointment can be the first thing that sets in. But instead of feeling uncomfortable, disoriented, or like you've lost control, you need to find ways to calmly respond to these unexpected events.

In fact, we have to start expecting the unexpected!

Let's dive into 3 key strategies to reshape the way you respond when things don't go your way 👉

1. Shrink the Situation and Reevaluate.

The first step is not blowing the situation out of proportion. Oftentimes we tend to build things up bigger in our heads than they actually are. And this can lead us to feel a lot worse. We then contribute these negative feelings to this "giant event", when in reality it was actually much "smaller".

➡️ So shake it off, reevaluate the situation, and implement new strategies to help you prevent the mishap from happening again.

2. Take a Minute and Reflect.

One of the best pieces of advice to help reshape the way you react to a situation is to simply not react at all. When you take a beat to assess the situation, and see it for what it is, you can prevent those negative thoughts and reactions from cropping up, stopping them in their tracks.

➡️ This time of reflection can also help you reshape the narrative of the situation and help you identify what went wrong so you can course-correct for the future.

3. Get Perspective and Recalibrate.

When things don't go as planned, it’s so easy to feel like it’s the worst thing in the world and you can totally lose perspective. Instead, stop and try to see the bigger picture. This new perspective can help you respond to the situation in a much more constructive way.

➡️ Then, once you are clear on the true perspective you can recalibrate your initial expectations to help you respond more appropriately.

So remember:

Be kind to yourself and use these tools to help you navigate those high standards when things don't quite go as planned.

Until next week...

Happy podcasting! 🎧

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